Geek or Nerd?

April 4th marks the anniversary of the formation of GeekForce.Ca, cousin companion site to The geeks, nerds, dweebs, square pegs, losers (the list of derogatory names goes on ad infinitum, ad nauseum) have always been a marginalised collective of socially awkward, introverted individuals who have been summarily dismissed for their passion for science, fantasy,… Read More »

The Batmobile, at Quebec Comic Con

I had the distinct pleasure of being in the beautiful and historic old city of Quebec, just in time to attend their Comic Con! Of course I expected to see the usual Star Wars characters, Doctor Who(s), and miscellaneous comic book (anti)-heroes. It would appear the among the participants that Deadpool and Harley Quinn were… Read More »

Paul Shaffer Funks up Thunder Bay

To mark the 30th anniversary of the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium, Thunder Bay’s most famous citizen, Paul Shaffer, returned to his old stomping grounds to put on a show that electrified the audience. He assembled the old band, less drummer Anton Fig, who had a gig somewhere in the southern hemisphere, and announced that for… Read More »