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Trying to rank my favourite Doctors

I became a Doctor Who fan back in the early 70s. When I first started watching, Tom Baker was the current Doctor. Since then there has been many more doctors cycled through. I have engaged many Whovians over the years. Opinions vary with the various personalities. There is no wrong answer to the question. The true Whovians will often say their favourite, rather than who is best.

So Doctors who I will not include in this list, as I have seen some archival footage, but never actually watched them. That would be Doctors One and two. Respectively portrayed by William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton. I might have to revoke my fandom when I admit I never saw Paul McGann as Eight. I will allege it never made it’s way to Canada. I am sure in this modern era, I could find it.

So, in reverse order. Don’t let the numbers confuse you now.

10. Twelve, Peter Capaldi. This is not to say he was the worst, it just took me almost two years to warm up to his character.

9. Nine,Christopher Eccleston. I initially did not give him a chance. In real life, he is only a few years older than me, and at the time, I had troubles reconciling, a young Doctor in a black leather jacket. I have since watched his season again, and realised he really was a great actor. The fact he was only in for one year puts him in this position.

8. Seven. Sylvester McCoy. I truly loved his question mark umbrella! He was the last Doctor of the original generation. While I know it was not his fault, that hiatus until 2005 lingers forever in my mind.

7. Five. Peter Davison. His transformation from Baker was my first to watch. I really loved the evolution of the costume he had.

6. Six. Colin Baker. His character, to me, seemed to very closely emulate the other Baker. I seriously thought they were brothers back in the day.

5. Three. Jon Pertwee. While I said Tom Baker was my first, I do remember seeing the reruns with him. His advanced age, grey hair, and stately appearance really sold the character.

4. Eleven. Matt Smith. This was my first Doctor that was way younger than me. I was long over the actors age by this time. I think he had the coolest transition to Capaldi.

3. The War Doctor. John Hurt. He didn’t get a numeric designation. But this veteran actor absolutely complimented the screen with Tennant and Smith in “The Day of the Doctor”.

2. Ten. David Tennant. He brought an amazing playfulness to the character that kept me engaged. This Scottish actor used his best Received Pronunciation (it is a real term, look it up) to make me believe he really was English! And Seriously, he married the actress, Georgia Moffett, who portrayed The Doctor’s Daughter. She is the real life daughter of Five. Mind. Blown!

1. Four. Tom Baker. He was MY first Doctor. He set the standard of whimsy that I measured all other Doctors! And that scarf! I loved it! During the hiatus years, I had one made for myself!

There you have it fellow Whovians. My picks for favourites. Not the best! We are on the eve of Doctor Thirteen, Jodie Whittaker. I for one am eagerly awaiting her first full episode. Stay tuned 3 to 5 years from now, I will factor her into this list when her time has run it’s course.