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Weird Al Polkas Thunder Bay

“Hey Thunder Bay, are you ready to polka!?”

Most acts roll into town prepared to rock out, but not Weird Al! He comes equipped with his accordion to polka the night away.

The set list was replete with most of the standards we have come to love, including “Eat it!” and “Another one rides the bus”. Between sets, there would be a montage of something “Weird” related while he got dressed up for the next performance.

A song that has rather become a an anthem for many, including myself is “White & Nerdy “, it almost brought the house down! Please see this video from his performance from MontrĂ©al’s Just For Laughs Festival from 2015.

His ovation was an amazing homage to the Star Wars franchise, you can see the video here.

“I’m nerdy in the extreme, whiter than sour cream”