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Sir Paul McCartney Rocks Minneapolis

I have been a Beatles fan all my life. I even enjoyed the Wings not knowing that Paul McCartney was part of that band on the run.  I loved his solo work, and duets through the 80s! As far as I was concerned everything he touched was good as gold!

Over the years, I have only dreamed of seeing him in concert. As I toured the Mull of Kintyre back in 2013, I thought that passing by and over his Scottish High Park Farm was the closest I would ever get to seeing something of the legend. So imagine my elation, when I got an email saying he added a show in Minneapolis. The Twin Cities are almost like a second home for me, so I got my tickets to ride!

McCartney and band delivered almost a three hour show! They covered stuff spanning his early Beatles days, through the Wings era, right up to some recent new work. Baby, I am amazed! I expected the standard high energy songs like “Back in the USSR”, and the slower “Let it Be” and “Hey Jude”. What really got me out of my seat was the ultra high energy rendition of Bond theme Live and Let Die, replete with pyrotechnics!

I had been following along with his other US concerts on social media, he had brought in guest artists and done other tributes along the way. So it was with little surprise that Wings song “Hi Hi Hi” had morphed into “Let’s go Crazy” by recently deceased, local legend Prince, as the stage was bathed in purple light.

Thank you Sir Paul, I was able to tick something else off my bucket list by seeing your show!