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Geek Force Prime Podcasts

The Geek Force Team have been doing a monthly “Hour of Power” radio show, in which they get together with a group of friends and talk about a main theme that both entertains and amuses them. They have talked on some topics such as “Back to the Future”, the films of Tim Burton, “Star Wars”, the genius of Gerry Anderson, among others. Interspersed in the radio show are segments in which they talk to toy restorer Toy Polloi, announce upcoming conventions around the UK, and read community contributed stories about child toys that were lost, in a gut wrenching segment called “Our Toy”.

Recently, they have started releasing shorter segments through their Mixcloud channel. As one who enjoys podcasts, and a technological challenge, I was able to take their segment, and through the miracles of modern technology turn it into an RSS based feed. This is still in beta test mode right now, so if you would like to try it for yourself, add to your favourite player. All the audio is still served up from the team’s Mixcloud page, it is just wrapped up in some other geeky goodness for consumption. Please note: the podcast is not displaying correctly in the above link, still a work in progress. That is why it was called beta.

You can find their archives at the GF Prime site.

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