Geek Force

What is the deal with “Nouveau Nerds”

What defines a nerd? Is it a state of being? Being socially awkward? A fan with unwavering loyalty? All of the above, and more? Absolutely!

Popular culture has embraced many genres that used to be relegated to B rate TV and cinema. Entire channels worldwide have been established to deliver the media we nerds (or geeks) have embraced since long before it was cool! Conventions have sprung up that allow us to indulge our passion. It is a billion dollar industry.

Nerds are the new cool. We have taken over the world. We created the Internet and the World Wide Web, and a myriad of other technologies. Everybody who can, is using what we have to offer. They are also now consuming the movies, TV shows and comics that we as fans were persecuted for in a bygone era. These are the bandwagon jumpers I call the “Noveau Nerd”. The ones who say they like Doctor Who, and watch The Big Bang Theory, and call themselves nerds.

I would never condone the atomic wedgies, nor the name calling, nor the toilet swirlies that were the standard punishment for being a fan, but until you truly lived it or taken one for the team, I maintain you are not a real nerd! Don’t get me wrong, I am always happy to receive a new convert or to introduce somebody to the world of amazing story telling that typifies good or even cheesey Sci-Fi! My request is, do it for the right reasons. Do it for the fantasy, for the space travel or just to lose yourself in an imaginary world. Don’t do it because the other nouveau cool kids are doing it!

Embrace your inner nerd! It is a fantastic journey of a lifetime, you can bond with like minded people, and have great shared experiences with a wide world others! If you get a wedgie for it, or still want to talk about it in 40 years from now, I will be proud to call you my nerd brother or sister or cousin!