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Trekkie or Trekker?

A “Trekkie” is a generally derogatory term for a Star Trek fan, thrown at them as an insult. Self stylised fans refer to themselves as “Trekkers”, being more serious about their fandom.

According to the gospel of Wikipedia

“…the term Trekkie or Trekker. Some say that Trekkie is “frequently depreciative”, thus, “not an acceptable term to serious fans”, who prefer Trekker…”

William Shatner even parodied fandom in a classic Saturday night skit, in which he told an adoring group of fans at a convention to “get a life, and grow the hell up!”  Sorry content is only available in America but you can read an online transcript.

Sometimes it is good to laugh at yourself and take the self deprecating approach to fandom. I have been a fan almost as long as I can remember, whether I am a serious fan or not is a matter of debate. But I proudly label myself as a “Trekkie”.

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