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James Doohan aka Montgomery “Scotty” Scott

Those of us who grew up with the Star Trek “Original Series”, knew that Scotty could work wonders in main engineering, despite the fact that he “Dinna rewrite the laws of physics, Captain!” For us hardcore Canadian fans, we knew what Captain James Tiberius Kirk was really Canadian actor William Shatner, and that affable head of engineering was also Canadian James Doohan. In addition to keeping the Enterprise in peak running condition, Doohan had also worked behind the scenes providing his voice over talent for other alien characters.

James Doohan, along with a Canadian contingent, stormed Juno Beach and came under fire. One of the six shots he took, was through his right middle finger, which had later been amputated. He did what he could to conceal the missing finger while on camera, but sometimes it can be spotted in some scenes.

On this anniversary of D-Day, let us take time to think about the brave members of the armed services that serve around the world.


Photo credit : Geoff Abthorpe