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May the Fourth be with you

Star Wars, the classic 1977 hit that changed the life for millions of people around world. It introduced us to an eclectic cast of characters. It also re-imagined the future of science fiction for the generations that followed.

What it also gave us, was an insight into the Jedi Knights, the honour bound defenders of the galaxy that use the Force to guide them through their choices and actions. Their traditional greeting/parting statement is “May the Force be with you”. Such iconic words that convey wisdom, peace, strength and victory. These words become the foundation of the Star Wars franchise, and for fans worldwide.

It also took on a meaning of it’s own, when with a simple play on words, it also became “May the 4th (fourth) be with you”. It is believed to have originated back in 1979. It has become an unofficial holiday for Jedi, Padawans and wannabes throughout the galaxy.

So, this (and every) May 4th, I hope you can celebrate by watching your favourite Star Wars movies, wearing your Yoda ears, or dueling light sabres with a sparring partner.

May the Force, and Fourth be with you!